Finding Inspiration #1



I love sharing where I have been finding inspiration. These posts might become a habit as I share some of the ins and outs of my daily life with you.

Raymond Carver-Cathedral


Found a copy of the collection of short stories in a Little Free Library on my walking route. I read it in university 20 years ago but thought it would good for a re-read. I am loving the simple language. Short sentences and unadorned language still pack a punch. Reading the short story, A Small Good Thing, now as a mother, left me in a puddle of tears. I quick but rewarding read that leaves the reader with more questions than answers.

Abstract: The Art of Design


Each night after the boys go to bed, my husband and I have been curling up with an episode of Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix. Each episode highlights a different designer who pushes the boundaries of design into art. The subjects run the gamut from Tinker Hatfield, shoe designer for Nike to Es Devlin, who designs sets for stage and stadium performances. Each subject stretches their imagination and ours in the process. I also like that each episode is under 50 minutes so I can still get to bed at a decent time.



Ellenos is a Seattle based company that makes Greek Yogurt. I thought I had greek yogurt before and then I tasted Ellenos and realized I never had. They have a stall in Pike Place Market where they sell about 40 flavors.  I rarely get there unless someone is visiting from out of town but Whole Foods and PCC sell about 4 flavors. I am currently addicted to their plain yogurt with muesli. At 140 calories it is a great snack. Sometimes I add it to a bowl of strawberries or pomegranate seeds and call it lunch. You must try this. You won’t think you are eating healthy.



I’ve been planning a solo trip to London and Scotland for the first two weeks of November so my ears perk up whenever I heard anything having to do with London. This is my first time which is a crime since my undergrad was Victorian Lit. I cannot WAIT.  I will be updating my travels on my Facebook writer page daily if you’d like to follow along. Make sure to follow me so it will turn up in your feed. Perhaps I’ll be daring and do a Facebook Live if I encounter something particularly dazzling.

Autumn Nights


Fall is my favorite season. A couple years ago I made a flawless playlist for cozy Autumn Nights and have been perfecting it over the years. I dust it out again for these darker evenings when I curl up with a book and tea (or a cocktail). Follow it so you can too. I’ll happily take suggestions to add to it too as I am always looking for new music.